Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Some people have all the luck

My mate certainly falls into the above category not that he sees it that way.
He works as a Golf journalist for a National Daily paper. On top of that he ghost writes a column for a very famous Welsh Rugby international. When he's not at Rugby matches or travelling the World watching Golf he has the unfortunate task of having to write reports on Premiership Football matches. What a fucking inconvenience.
I was having a couple of pints with him last weekend and he was whingeing like a good one. Here's what he has had to put up with this week.
Saturday, Arsenal v Man City
Sunday, Cardiff v Swansea
Monday, flight to Spain
Yesterday, Villareal v Arsenal
Today, Barcelona v Bayern Munich
Tonight, flight to Augusta
Tomorrow through to Sunday, Masters
And he was fucking moaning because he had to go to Spain before going to the Masters.
In fairness I should point out that all Journalists who cover the Masters have their names placed in a hat and twelve of the lucky bastards who get picked get to play on one of the practice days. Obviously, if he's not there he doesn't get his name in the hat. I think he's been going for the last twelve years and still hasn't been lucky enough to get on the course. I say hasn't been lucky but the twat has been there for the last twelve years which is twelve years more than us mere mortals are going to have a chance of going.
And he had the temerity to fucking whinge about having to go and watch Barcelona. I was just sat there nodding in agreement with him whilst thinking "you fucking twat".
Worst still, he hasn't even given me a Titleist Pro V and it's not as if his house is not swimming in the fucking things.
Anyhow, rant over.
Am going to be laying Tiger and backing Kim, Ogilvy, Mcllroy and Villegas. Hopefully one of them can get in the mix by Sunday night.
To get the stakes together I've taken the kamikaze approach. I decided this morning that I would need £300 for staking and had £125 in my Betfair account. After resigning myself to having to deposit some cash I then proceded to lump on a few horses which came in. I've got a multiple tonight on Celtic, Barcelona and Cardiff and if that comes in then I don't need to deposit. If it doesn't then I was prepared to chuck some money in so I haven't really lost anything. Well, that's the way I'm looking at it.
Went shopping with the Daughter today. What a waste of time. Bought two collars for our cats and a couple of Easter eggs and that was that. My Mothers birthday is tomorrow and I still have fuck all for her. Any ideas greatly received.
Still struggling on Full Tilt and still haven't cashed in an MTT for a while but not to concerned because I'm getting my dosh in ahead of the other mugs but sucking out. Wont last forever.
Regarding yesterdays post I can confirm that the guy with the pasty wasn't being clever he really was that stupid.
Off out later to watch the Footie then may have a few more hands on FT. I'm nearing the end of stage one of getting my $200 starting deposit back. Been a bit of a grind but having played for a couple of weeks I think I've now sussed out that most of the players at micro levels are bluffers. The rest are just shit.
Have topped up on Furyk, Watney and Katayama. Am now -£100 on Woods. God help!!


  1. I know it's cliché but could you just buy a whopping bunch of flowers, some fine chocolates and wine and wrap them all up in a cute hamper? That's the kind of thing I end up doing... reading about your mate's life. Could you drug him and go instead? ;)

  2. I wish Mo. Some people just don't realise how lucky they are. Can see the flowers coming into play tomorrow.

  3. He'll be covering poker soon and going to the world series and he'll still moan then... kick the wanker in his nuts. lol