Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bad call

Bought my Mum a big fuck off new TV for her Birthday on Thursday. After setting it up I did what any loving Son would do and I watched the interactive coverage of Amen corner at Augusta. A few players played the three holes really well and I immediately put a few quid on them. Katayama looked very good as did Furyk. Gary Player actually looked the best but since he's one hundred and eight years old I gave him a miss. Angel Cabrera looked good but I didn't load up on him. Really beginning to regret that now. My lay of Tiger is hanging by a thread. He's seven shots off the lead but being Tiger could easily pick those up. I could green up but will leave it run for a while. Hopefully Furyk can get in the mix and Katayama running hot would be a God send. Guessing though it's between Perry and Angel. Hope the big guy can do it. Currently am £100 red on Woods and £25 green on everyone else, £75 on Furyk and £270 on Katayama.
Been working like a dog for the Cardiff Blues all weekend. Great result in the end mind, beating Toulouse. Downside is I'll be working next bank holiday when the Blues meet Leicester in the Semi's at the Millennium Stadium. At least the pay is decent.
Quiet time in the house as Mrs Rubbish and Daughter have gone to her Mothers for a few days. Just me and the cats plus a few Easter Eggs and Series 4 of 24. Really enjoying it. Have seen it before but can't remember what happens. Am going to play a few hands after finishing this post.
Going to nip down the local later for Poker night. Was really pissed last week and blew out early. Hopefully will fare a bit better tonight. Should be a good laugh and they'll have the Masters on. Just hope I haven't made a bad call on not greening up on Tiger.
Edit- Big Phil keeps one ahead of Tiger to win my lay bet. Don't mind who wins now.


  1. Ouch!!...Angel delight imo!!
    Cant see that he would have been on many slips mind you but he did hold his nerve.

  2. Saw you at the tables on Sunday. Do you have your chat off? Said Hi but you didnt seem to see me..what happened with the blogger too? You didnt make it. ;)

  3. Hi BBD, Yeah gutted about not getting on Angel. When he went in the trees on the first play off hole his odds went out to 20s and I should have loaded up then but didn't.
    Mr O, Don't really look at chat much. Whats your Alias and I'll look out for you? Was down the pub last night playing. Came second for £40. Should have won but was concentrating on the Golf on the TV.