Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Poker and betting

Not much to report on the Poker front. Lost a buy in ($25) on Full Tilt over the past week. Haven't really been running that bad just lost a few decent pots and couldn't entice anyone into a pot when I was holding the nuts. Had one decent cash on Betfair and lost several more when I've either been playing when tired or haven't really cared.
Now the good news. I haven't really cared on Betfair because I've had a couple of big Footie wins. Had a little treble up on Sunday for £100 and then came the Man Utd match.
Was watching it down the pub with a few boys and half way through the first half said I'd wait until half time and then lump on Man Utd. Of course, Spurs score so I have £100 at 2.7. Then they score again and I have another £50 at 6's. Anyhow, my three mates want to have a bet on 3-2 to United so I pop in the bookies who say they can't do in running correct scores but Utd are 11/2 so I have another £100. My three tight fisted mates give me a fiver each. At 2-1 they give me another £5. At 2-2, one slips me another £15. At 3-2 the other two are begging me for a quarter share. At 5-2they're almost in tears. Of course, being the nice guy I am, I split the winnings 25%each which gives us all £162.50. I've got another £400 on top of that. Happy days.
I then get pissed as per norm and drunkenly try to lay Kenny Perry when he's about 2.5 with everyone a shot behind. Eight holes later and I'm staring at a big loss so try to trade out only to find my initial lay bet hadn't gone through. Even happier days.
Just to show that I'm really running golden I even won Dani C's effin award. Check out Effin Mom blog on the right. Brought back down to earth today though when I didn't even get a mention on Soccer Moms caption contest when I thought I'd delivered a belter. Even got snubbed by Mo and his zombie chicken award. Never mind, can't win them all.
Not sure if I'm going to have a punt tonight. Should be a cracker of a match and I secretly fancy Chelsea to pull off a shock 1-0 win. That could look a really shit statement after twenty minutes when Barca are three up mind and that's entirely possible with their forward line.
I've put my name down to go on a poker weekend with the Raise the River forum to DTD in Nottingham in a couple of months time. I know quite a lot of you Poker guys are already members there but if you're not, there's a link down the right hand side. Check it out and see what you think.
All the best.


  1. As a Spurs fan I find you making money at our expense disgusting...

    Dodgy penalty at OT...

    When Barca go 4 up I'll be thinking of you.


  2. Spurs fan!! Explains why you're letting this guy at the train station get the better of you

  3. see u in Nottingham fishay

  4. Yeah that RTR get together is sounding good mate. WOuldnt mind going myself, might have to count the pennies and see if its a possibility!!

  5. Congratufuckinglations on the caption award!