Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Another Poker post

Been grinding $0.10/0.25 cash on Full Tilt for the last couple of days and have made about $150. Lost some of that on MTT's so am about $120 up over the last two days. Also got my first incremental $20 of my $200 starting bonus and have made in roads into the second stage. I've even won an STT or two. The first time in ages. Unfortunately, after reading everybody elses blogs, I'm the only one who hasn't cashed in an MTT since Adam was a boy.
Luckily, I've worked out why I've been so shit at STT/MTT's recently.
Since I opened up my Full Tilt account I've been 2/3 tabling on cash games. I've been playing my STT/MTT's on Betfair where my game of choice is Super Turbos. Normally I do really well at them. Because of the cash games and only seven seconds to act in Super Turbos, I think I'm struggling to make the right decisions in the STT/MTT's and therefore not cashing as much as I used to when I wasn't playing cash. So, I've decided to play one or the other but not both simultaneously. Hopefully this will help me pick up a few more dollars. I might even play normal (non Super Turbo) MTT's although I get bored after an hour or so if I'm not up with the chip leaders.
I suppose only playing one MTT a night doesn't help with my strike rate. Actually, I guess my strike rate is OK but I only Final table once every ten days or so because I only play about five/seven MTT's in that time. What strike rate i.e. final tables should I be looking for? 10%? 20%? Give us a clue guys.
My Tiger lay came in thank fuck. Watching him and Phat Phil battle it out in the final round was awesome. Well pleased for Angel as well. He was 20/1 after his drive on the first play off hole. Gutted I didn't have a few quid on him. More gutted I didn't get on him after watching him saunter around Amen corner on the first day. Was amazed Kenny Perry capitulated the way he did over the last few holes. Beautiful tee shot on the sixteenth and then he plays like a sixteen handicapper for the last two holes. His approach on the second play off hole was dismal to say the least. Funny thing pressure.
Got stuck into Cardiff yesterday at nice odds. Also did Sheffield United. Twats.
Really fancied Liverpool tonight until I saw Gerrard wasn't playing. Have had an over 2.5 goals double in that match and Bayern v Barca. Come on the goals.
Edit. Fucking Barcelona. First time they haven't been involved in a game with over 2.5 goals in about seven years. Twats.