Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 - Could this be a winning year?

I like a punt but I've never really kept records. I was probably up last year thanks mainly to a lucky 15 with a 50/1 winner for a decent four figure sum. Poker wise I was probably down but my heart wasn't really in it and I pretty much gave up after the APAT event and I guess I didn't play more than 100 tourneys all year. Can't see that changing much but gambling wise I'm definitely going to keep better records.

Starting today.

Had a £2.50 lucky 15 this afternoon which had the following winners: Hawkes point 1/1 Woolfall Sovereign 4/5 Tarquinius 2/1

I also had Rakaan at 4/1 who managed to get boxed in when there were only six runners???? Well played Georgie Baker you useless twat.

That bet made about £30 so I've put £25 of that on Theo Walcott to score anytime at a touch over evens.

I've got a couple of bets running at the moment. £50 on the 49ers to win the Superbowl at 6's. Also got the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA @ 136/1 for a fiver and to win the Pacific conference at 16's for a tenner.

When I get five minutes I'll knock a spreadsheet up. Until then...........

On over 206 in the Nuggets v Clippers game.


  1. gl fish. We need another poker/booze meet up soon!

  2. GL egg chaser

    Gambol gambol gambol !!!