Friday, 4 January 2013

Quiet day

Didn't have a bet today on the Gee Gee's. was busy in work, hit the gym and then had to take my Daughter shopping for new shoes. By the time I got home I couldn't be arsed looking through the cards. Doesn't help that all my other bets are going South. Another NBA bet lost last night with the Kicks and Spurs trying their hardest to miss but stay ahead. Fuckers.

I'm on this tonight so swerve it if at all possible.

I'm also on Worsecter HT, Leicester FT at 7's in the Rugby for small stakes. Should be a real grind of a game and with Worcester home they might get ahead but Leicester should win in 80 minutes.

Edit 14-5 HT, C'mon Leicester.
Edit Edit 14-19 FT. Easy game.

Me old mucker Simon "Amatay" Jones has been on Twitter telling everyone how happy he is with West Hams new signings. Here's a picture of the Gayer.

Have a good one folks.

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