Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cloning, time travelling and human chameleons

Who knew these things were possible?

Well I knew about Dolly the sheep clone but hadn't realised we were cloning humans until this week. Even more surprising though was who was doing it. Not scientists or governments but Tottenham fuckiing Hotspur. That's right, the poor relations of North London, the great unwashed sexual deviants have taken a jump over the greatest team in the World (Arsenal) and have started cloning their players.

Obviously they haven't cloned any old player. Not even Spuds are stupid enough to take the field with eleven Adebayor's but what damage are they going to wreak when they get eleven of these on the field?

The first picture is the Mercurial Gareth Bale and the second is supposedly called Kenny McEvoy an Academy player. We're all doomed when they get the other eight clones on the pitch.

I always dreamt of time travelling when I was a kid. Who would I go back to meet? Would I travel all the way back to the beginning of time? See the Dinosaurs? And then when I was older it was more about going to the future and more specifically, looking at the next days football results.

Well, someone has managed to do just that and here's the proof.

What you are looking at there is a £250 (I haven't missed out a decimal point) correct score accumulator???

Another description would be that is a picture of £250,000 because that is what that slip is worth.

Who puts such a lumpy bet on a correct score accumulator? The only person I can think of is someone who already knows the results. Well played Mr Time Traveler, any tips for today?

Finally, Human Chameleons. This picture is proof they exist.



  1. Is Gareth Bale related to Christian Bale? Both Welsh aren't they?

  2. Hi GB,

    How are you mate?

    By all accounts they are 4th cousins???? Not sure if I believe that but that's the answer if you google it,