Monday, 7 January 2013

Weekend round up

Two winners on the Lucky 31 for a £15 loss. Did another Lucky 15 today with two winners for another small loss. Don't really mind has I know I'm going to land one soon which will put me up for the month.

Darts bet lost although our man did have two darts to win his match but couldn't hit his double. Meh.

Lay of Cardiff won and I followed that up with a bet on Michu to score against Arsenal. That looked dead and buried when he didn't start but the man came good, scoring 90 seconds after coming on as a sub. Then I put those winnings on Under 45.5 in the Seattle match last night. Score was something like 24-14 giving me £141 for my next bet. Here's the thread where my bets are recorded. It's worth a read if you have a spare few hours.

Looking ahead there's no Football of note other than the Spanish Cup this week and I've given up on NBA for awhile so looks like I'll be having a quiet one other than my daily Lucky 15. Happy with that though as I've found a new TV programme to watch.

Ringer stars my favourite vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar as twin Sisters.

I've seen the first four episodes and will be watching the rest this week with no Footie on the box.

Talking of footie, the best player on the planet just won his fourth straight Ballon D'or. Some player.



  1. holy fuck, are u on steroids ?? six posts in seven days !!
    glad to see you're back and running well.

  2. Hi Dave,
    How's tricks? You going to one of the RTR meet ups this year? You know you want to.