Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekend round up

I know, so hard to believe right?

All my little bets lost on Saturday but my one big one, the over 2.5 goal double came in for £150 profit and then San Fransisco 49'ers did Green Bay for my Super bowl bet. They now travel to Atlanta and are currently 3 point favourites.

Headed down the pub for Super Sunday and had a cheeky £50 on Man Utd at 1.97. Can't believe they went off at nearly evens against Liverpool. Am gutted I didn't put more on.

Bad couple of days on the Horses. Saturday saw a tenner loss and today I failed to get a single winner on my Lucky 15. Still think there's a big winner due soon.

Had £10 on Les Miserables to win best picture at the Oscars at 14's. Worse films have won and this is currently showing and fresh in the memory.

That's it for now, hopefully a better day on the gee gees tomorrow. I must stop following Chopras advice.

And now for the most important piece of info you need to know, Hanks back.

Love Californication.


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