Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Another day, another dollar

Walcott reverted to type last night and played like his usual cuntish self. Maybe I'n being a little unfair on him, his freekick was diverted in for the Arsenal goal and I believe he may have had one ruled out for offside. He still didn't fucking score though.

And in the same vane I'm going for Frank to score tonight for Chelsea.

Can't believe they've let his contract run down. He's a fantastic player and I'm sure someone will snap him up for big money.

In the can't believe class I'm also astounded that Romeo Beckham has started a career as a Model. With his Dad being thick and his Mum being thin I thought he might have become a medium.

Also, can you believe someone let their kid go out like this? The mind boggles. Who the fuck dresses their kid like that and lets them take an umbrella out?

Done a lucky 15 today but had problems with my Blackberry playbook which was playing up. Every time I tried to scroll down it would pick the race where I first touched the screen and it nearly ended up smashed into the wall. Eventually I gave up and headed up the bookies. Missed the first race which was a winner, typical, and put these on.

Desert Cry
Miss Bunter
Sofis Spirit

The first three won at marginally odds on prices and the last which was a replacement for Green Flag trailed in last of three. Am going to spend the next hour sorting out my Playbook so I don't have a repeat performance tomorrow. Not sure of the actual winnings, will find out when I pop in with my ticket.

Started back training today and opened up with a 10k cycle ride and then pushed a few weights. Am hoping to shed a few pounds (stone) this year so will be training most days. Currently weigh a mahoosive 16 stone so need to lose at least three to three and half stone.

Will be back a little later with an NBA bet or two.


Rafa couldn't believe Chelsea could have 25 shots on target and not score even though he left their best two players on the bench. Fucking dick.

On a Cavs, Raptors and Pacers treble tonight for small stakes.

Thanks for reading.

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