Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Internet is playing up and doing my head in. Cannot run internet explorer at all for God knows what reason. Can use Mozilla Fireox but cannot play poker as it says internet explorer isn't running? Also cannot play videos because I haven't got flash player yet I cannot download it without turning off Firefox??
Extremely pissed off at the moment. On top of all this crap my car looks pretty shagged and I'll probably have to buy another one.
And Wales have just lost to Poland to top it all off.
Can't even think of anything interesting to say.
If anyone is having the same problems and knows what to do can you leave a comment before I kick shit out of the cats.


  1. Had exactly the same prob with IE earlier mate,coincided with a large software update. For some reason my internet security then (Norton) then banned IE from being used until i gave permission (which it never has before!) So.....try your security & see if it has temp banned IE.
    If that fails then knock the mother out!!! glglglglgl.

  2. Hi Big
    I'm a computer muppet. Any chance of a step by step guide to check if the same has happened o me?

  3. Not much better myself tbh!!
    Open whatever security/anti virus software you are running,then make sure that IE has permission to run.(should just tick a box)
    Not sayint it is that but i'd start there first.
    glglgl fella.

  4. Download Google'll never look back.