Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Watching Everton V Liverpool on the box has reminded me of a story of a mate of mine who I was away with last weekend. He qualified as a teacher and his first job was with the British Army. He turned up on his first day and was sat in a room with about fifty other teachers. This Sergeant Major type walked in and started calling their names out and off they went to different rooms. Finally, my mate is sat there on his own and this guy sends him off to get his placement. Brunei. So, a couple of days later my mate turns up at the army base in Brunei to teach the servicemens kids. The base commander tells him one of his duties is to arrange the fixtures for the football and rugby teams on the base which my mate is well up for.

Anyhow, his first game in charge for the football team is against the local ice cream factory who were called Aston Vanilla. They turn up at this pitch and there's all these little five foot locals and one huge six foot British centre half. The army won 3-2 with this guy scoring the 2 goals for AV and generally playing a blinder. They are sitting in the bar after and my mate says "I recognise you from somewhere" and this guy says "I used to play a bit of footie my name is Mick Lyons".

Turns out big Mick had taken a job coaching the national team and seen these guys on the side of a road and asked if he could have a game. My mate has stayed in touch with Mick ever since and I've been lucky enough to meet him. Quality guy and a Everton legend.

My same mate came with us on an England V Wales rugby weekend up in Richmond. On the Saturday we're all pissed and my mate pulls this lovely bit of posh totty. She takes him back to her apartment in Chelsea, puts on the full kit and he has a night to remember. Quite a few years later she marries one of the Queens sons much to our enjoyment making Dave a legend in his own right.

My favourite poker playing legend is Punterz on Betfair. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get on his blog to read of his exploits because he's now set it up as invite only. If you read this Punter, let me on.

Pokerwise, lost one buy in last night when my KK on an AAK flop got beat not by one person but two. There had been a big raise to which I called with one other. As soon as I saw the flop I guessed (correctly) that they were both holding Aces so I went all in. They both called and turned over A5 and A4. Turn 7, river 7.



  1. Glad to see your boys shaft the Scouse cheats last night mate,especially after they beat us (CFC) on sunday (with untold help from the twat of a ref imo!!!) Glglglgl against Villa in the next round.

  2. Sup rubbish, nice blog

    Oh and I already added you when you left comment on my last post, stop spamming my blog :D