Sunday, 22 February 2009


Finally got my car back after ten days in the garage. Getting to work has been a nightmare. Have had to get up at 4.30 every morning and haven't been getting home until six in the evening. Friday was the worst. Up at 4.30 then home at three for a quick shower before going to work at the Blues v Warriors match. Finish there at 9.30 and nip down my local for a few beers. Leave there at two in the morning and then spend all day Saturday in bed. Haven't done fuck all today either. I think I'm going into some sort of hibernation. Car is going to cost me £475 to boot.
Was reading about this Alfie Patten kid who managed to Father a child before reaching puberty? Seems there's about a dozen other toe rags now claiming to have slept with every parents worst nightmare as well. Alfie hasn't taken this very well and has now joned Fathers for Justice. He doesn't understand the politics but he does have a very catching Batman outfit.
Luckily not all teenagers are knife wielding thugs or degenerate one finger saluting fools. Danny Lee made European Tour history today when he won the Johnny Walker Classic at 18 years and a couple of hundred days old. He not only is the youngest ever tour winner and only the second ever amateur to win a title but he is also the youngest ever winner of the American Amateur title beating the record of one Tiger Woods. Of course, it goes without saying I didn't have a penny on him.
When I was growing up I wanted to be a Rugby player. I would have settled for a career as a Footballer and at a push I wouldn't have minded a few years as a journeyman Golf Pro. Unfortunately things never go the way you want.
When I was sixteen I played Golf off nine, was playing Amateur League footie and School Rugby with one of the stongest teams in Wales. One fateful week saw me have a School boy trial for Welsh Schools Rugby on a Saturday. I then had a trial on the Tuesday for Bristol City the same day Trevor Francis made his debut as the first Million pound player for Notts Forest against them in the Cup. Then on the following Saturday I broke my leg playing Amateur League, which I shouldn't have been playing as I was too young, and spent a year on crutches. Worst still, I never grew an inch after and was too small to play first class Rugby. Some would say I wasn't good enough either which was probably true.
Anyhow, been watching the French Rugby today. Nine players in the Toulouse match are in the French squad to play Wales on Friday night. What an absolutely crazy decision to play them. Even if they got through them match unscathed they've only got five days preparation time. Will be placing a nice little bet on Wales for that match and will also have a few quid on France HT, Wales FT.
Oscars are on tonight and one film I saw last year isn't anywhere to be seen. Not sure if it was only released this year but if you haven't seen it, you should.
Later Gators.

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