Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentines Day

Internet Explorer is now working for some strange reason. Having been using Mozilla for the last week and have noticed that my blog doesn't update on Google? Also, can't play Poker or anything on Mozilla which is doing my head in slowly.

My car is going to cost £400 to fix which seems reasonable enough. Was looking to scrap it if it cost £500 plus so looks like I'll be keeping it for the time being.

Where I work we operate a four day shift pattern with only a skeleton staff on a Friday. No one who is working today lives anywhere near me so I've taken a day off. God I'm bored.

Spent the last hour reading everyones blogs and now I'm off into Cardiff to buy my Missus something for Valentines day. Anyone know where you can get a King Cobra in Cardiff?

Every blog seems to mention Paris at the moment. Don't know why because I don't even like the place. When I first started going out with my Wife, Wales were playing France on Valentines day in Paris. There was a crew of us going for a mates stag weekend. My missus asked what I was doing on the Saturday and I innocently said "I'll be in Paris". She took this the wrong way and thought I was taking her there. On the Thursday she rang me and asked when the flight was and I said we're going in the morning. Then she asked me when I was picking her up and the penny dropped. As I was explaining to her that I was going with the boys I could visualise the shock and horror on her face. Fully expected her to dump me when I returned but she went one better and exacted the perfect revenge. She married me and I've been paying for it ever since.

My mate from back home told me the best Valentines day story. He's a good looking bastard and I swear he's had more women than Ron Jeremy. A few years back he was dating this stunning girl called Cheryl. He gets home from work and she's sitting there glaring at him. She nods towards the dining table and says "you've had some post".

On the table were twelve cards, obviously all Valentine day cards and has she had giving him a card before he went to work he knew none were from her. He tried to laugh it off and said he'd open them later but she insisted that he open them now. The first card was the classic "what do you give the man who has everything" but the last two words had been altered in pen to "had everyone". Inside were two words - Cheryl Davies. She failed to see the funny side of it and he was back at his Mothers in time for Tea.

Funniest Valentines Day I had was about four years ago. My missus and I went to this Chinese in Cardiff which is superb. When we got there there it was quite quiet with only about five other couples there. We sat down in a booth and there was another couple across the aisle from us. Our main course had just arrived when this woman walks in with two kids about seven and five, She walks up to this guy and says ""here's your Father with his new slut mistress". My wife and I sat there looking at each other, mouths wide open. This woman then starts berating this guy and slut mistress, who obviously had no idea her date was married with kids, gets up and is physically sick on the floor as she runs to the toilet crying her eyes out. Both kids are now in tears as well and finally the owner walks over and asks the woman to leave. She storms off, kids in tow and slut mistress comes back, mascara everywhere, slaps the guy across the face and leaves. The guy stands up to go and my missus asks him if he's finished with the champagne and if so can we have it. As the guy walks out the whole restaurant bursts out laughing. Fair play to Mrs Rubbish, she does have a sense of humour.

Hope you all have a great Valentines Day, myself, I'm going to watch Wales v England at the Millennium Stadium. Wonder what Mrs Rubbish' sense of humour is going to be like when I tell her.