Thursday, 5 February 2009

In the begining

Was Punterz. The first blog I read. Used to love Punters peasant rants on Betfair but after numerous forum bans someone posted his blog address and I had a gander. On the back of that I read Amatays from start to finish and then Would be and Joppa Roads. Since last December I have read all the blogs listed in my favourites plus a few which were pretty crap. So I then decided to start my own and less than a month in I've won my first (and probably only) award. None other than a UKGatsby blog of the month award. Previous winners include all of the above and some of the blogs to the right.
Big thanks to Uk for giving me the nod.
Snowed again today in Cardiff and my Daughters school shut because of 1cm of the white stuff. Pretty pathetic when you consider what happens in other countries. Take this story I read yesterday about the floods happening in Australia:
"Crocs alert
Local media said huge crocodiles in the centre of some towns around the Gulf of Carpentaria have hampered rescue efforts and large numbers have reportedly been seen swimming towards the 60 km-wide (37-mile) mouth of the flooded Norman River.
Manager of the Albion Hotel in Normanton, Donna Smith, said a four-metre (13ft) crocodile had been seen stalking residents and dogs in the flooded main street.
She also warned the town was expected to run out of beer in two days.
"We can put up with a lot of drama, no fruit and veggies, but nobody wants a pub with no beer," Ms Smith told Brisbane's Courier-Mail newspaper".
Gotta love Aussies haven't you? Crocs roaming the streets but Holy shit, the pubs running out of beer.
Talking of Australia, I seem to have picked up a few readers from there along with one from New Zealand, several fom Germany, Denmark and Sweden, a few from America and one from Cyprus and Israel. If you read this drop us a line and tell us whats happening in your part of the World.
I can tell you what's happening in Wales, Six Nations Rugby. For the first time in eons I'm not going to any of the away games. Not sure how this has happened. I suppose there's still time to pick up a trip to Rome or Paris.
First time I went to Paris I got really pissed on the Friday night. Got back to the Hotel and when I got out of the lift I couldn't find the light switch for the corridor. So it's pitch black and I'm busting for a piss and I can't find my room so I start to have a piss on the carpet whilst walking up the corridor, trying to spread it around and not leave one massive pool. Halfway through and I see some guy at the end of the corridor looking at me so I start to try and explain myself. He doesn't say a word, just staring at me so I continue pissing and start walking towards him. By the time I get to the end of the corridor I realise there's a huge mirror and I've been talking to myself for the last five minutes. Plug was on that trip and when the woman at the airport asked him if he had anything to declare he said "yeah, I've got a huge prick". Probably get pistol whipped if you said that now.

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  1. Funny story, I properly laughed. I love that you tried to explain yourself while carrying on pissing. It was France, though, dirty enough place I don't think a bit of wee on the carpet will make much difference.