Monday, 16 February 2009

Top weekend

My weekend couldn't have started better. Got up Valentines morning and Mrs Rubbish has only come up trumps.
Normally I get the same old crap for Birthdays, Fathers day etc. but this time I get series 5 and 6 of the Sopranos. Well happy.
I love the Sopranos, probably my favourite show along with 24. For some reason though our cable switched to Virgin a few years ago and Sky 1 disappeared without a trace. No Sopranos, 24, Simpsons, Prison Break and Lost. To be honest, Lost was starting to do my head in but I was gutted when the other shows went. I was planning on having a quiet weekend this week and now I know what I'll be watching.
After a nice little potch about with Mrs Rubbish I headed into Cardiff to watch Wales v England. Few ciders before hand and then into the Millennium Stadium. What an atmosphere!! Playing England is always special for us boyos and when you're overwhelming favourites and playing as well as we are then Saturday was better than most of the England games I've been to. The only match I can remember where the atmosphere prior to kick off was better was this one
I think that video sums up the feeling in the stadium far better than anything you get on TV.
Anyhow, England played really well and worked Wales out. Worsley was outstanding and only the yellow cards kept Wales in front. Goode and Sackey being substituted was a baffling decision and certainly turned the match in Wales' favour. The match wasn't a classic but a win is a win as they say and hopefully Wales will have Shane Williams and Gavin Henson fit in time for France.
Had a fair old drink after the game and suffered yesterday. Being the trooper I am though I headed off down the pub to watch the Ireland match. As I wasn't driving this morning I hit the Guinness big time. Watched the Rugby then Man Utd then the Milan derby. Shows the pulling power of Beckham, he plays and BBC screen the derby live. Bet they wouldn't have if he hadn't been on the pitch.
Get my car back tomorrow thank fuck. Might not have to pay straight up has a mate has been fixing it so Paris may still be on. In a drunken stupour on Saturday a few of us slurred about going to Rome. Not sure how serious everyone was but I'm deefinately considering it. Could even bump into "Would be" and take a few of his Eastern European girlfriends of his hands. If you're not sure what I'm rambling on about then read this
24 has just started and Cardiff are getting a drubbing from Arsenal so time to concentrate on the box.

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