Thursday, 18 June 2009

Chat up line

One of the boys rang me this morning and I immediately remembered this conversation from Saturday night. The scene - sitting outside Smokie Mo's about ten thirty in the evening. I'm sitting on the end of a picnic style table talking to someone on an adjacent one. One of the boys (ootb) and a random blonde girl (rbg) are sitting together on the other side.

RBG - "What do you do for a living then "?
OOTB - "I work with killer whales"!
Me - (Pricking my ears and leaning closer), Mmmm interesting opening gambit, wonder where he's going with this?
RBG - "Wow, where do you work)?
OOTB - "Cardiff aqua marine park".
Me - No fucking way does he get away with this shit.
RBG - "I never knew they had an aqua marine park in Cardiff. How did you start working with Killer whales"?
OOTB - "I did my apprenticeship with sea lions then moved onto dolphins and now I'm in charge of the killer whales".
Me - That sounds almost logical shame you're a carpenter
RBG - "That's awesome, I love sea lions. If I came down to Cardiff would you show me around"?
OOTB - "No problem as long as you bend over and bark like a dog for me"!
RBG - "Pardon"?
Me - Time to go


  1. That's classic. One of the most creative pick ups I've heard.

  2. Haha - you got some good mates

  3. With pickup lines like this, the guy is still alive? So, does he have any teeth left? Surely some woman, somewhere, has knocked them out...

  4. Oh man I would have picked up on his Tom foolery and played along. But I'm freaky like that.

    Also I don't know what you can do with your award. You should put it in your sidebar and wear it with honor! Do it now before I have my friends come beat you up! I'm lying. My friends would just laugh at me.

  5. haha that's fooking great!

  6. Nice line, I think it's a winner...

  7. What winks and fucks like a tiger??


  8. Are you hitting on my American Mom following Or are you still trying to get into JR's boxers?