Sunday, 7 June 2009


Was going to write a long post about Liverpool which I'll probably do tomorrow. The reason for putting this off, well I've just found out that I'm in a Tournament of Champions on Full Tilt tonight. Turns out that winning one of the Brit Blogger tournies puts you into an overall tournament where the top two win $10k Vegas packages and 3rd and 4th win $2k.Game is tonight at 1am so I'm going to chill for a while and pray to the Gods to run good this one time.
Big thanks to Littleacornman for letting me know about it because no one else had.
Not feeling too confident has I don't run good on Full Tilt. In my last two blogger games I've gone out with QQ on a QJJ flop when called all in against A10 who then hit runner runner Aces. My last one saw me hit a nut fush with AdKd on a 7d8d9d board to see my opponenet turn over 1010 and hit runner runner 10's for quads.
Anyhow , will post later with the gory details, including stag do's in Liverpool and top ten cities to get pissed in.
Wish me luck.
Fucking Full Tilt. QhJd on Q Jh 5h flop. oppo bets $250 I call, 9h giving me flush draw he bets $500 i raise to $1000. Any card and I go for it other than a 10. River 10. Fuck my luck.
Gone. Stack crippled, thought one guy was trying to buy a pot when I hit middle pair so went over the top of him. He'd hit two pair. Out in 40th after 1 hour 15 minutes. Why couldn't this game be on Stars or Betfair where I do run good.
Later gators.


  1. C'mon time mate!!

  2. Good luck on the full tilt tourney, see you in Vegas. Eric in Texas

  3. No probs mate.Stick to your game,get lucky and do some damage mate!

  4. Mate I'm guessing that now (6:16am) you're lying in some Liverpool street fending off a bunch of scallies?

    Looking forward to hearing how you stole the show.

  5. Haha I think it's pretty funny that you think FTP is rigged and Stars would make you run better. I play primarily on Stars as I'm a micro SNG grinder but I'd probably much prefer FTP for mtts. I think they're structures for mtts are better.