Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Friday onwards

Took six hours to get to Liverpool Friday afternoon when the M6 shut down for some serious accident. Here's a little known fact for you, if there are 500 cars in a traffic jam and the 1st car pulls away, it would take 1 hour for the last car to start moving.
Anyhow, get to Aintree for the fourth race and have £20 on a 5/1 shot who romps home. It must have been Ladies night there and some of the women were absolutely stunning. After the racing Status Quo played a set and in fairness it was a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, it shut down about 11 ish and has Aintree is quite away out of Liverpool by the time we got back into the City centre, we ended up going in different directions. When I say we, I mean the women went one way and I ended up dodging puke and glasses in some Irish bar.
Another Irish bar on Saturday at 10.30 for the Aussie v Italy game and the Lions match. The highlight was when the story from the previous post surfaced. That and a 11/2 winner on the gee gees which paid for the weekend. Ended up in a bar called Smokie Mo's on Saturday night which was a good laugh. Plenty of women about and I ended up chatting to two nice girls. One was on a hen night and headed off about 10 ish, the other was there for the night and I put on a charm offensive. I am of course happily married though and as is often the case I end up going on some sort of death wish just when things are getting interesting. By interesting I mean bedroom bound. So come two in the morning I'm staggering back to the hotel on my lonesome wondering what I've said for her to fuck off.
Sunday was a few pints before heading back to Cardiff for a quick couple in my local and home.
Got up for work on Monday feeling like shit and just thought that I was getting to old for 16 hour drinknig sessions. I've gradually got worse over the last few days and I'm now coughing like an eighty year old ashmatic. Could be swine flu and fuck knows I've been with a few pigs in my younger days.
Been trying to bust my Full Tilt bank with no success. In actual fact I've doubled it over the last few nights. Go figure.
Am going to have some money on Tiger Woods for the US Open. He's won on the course before and is going into it after a win last week. Odds are shite, luckily he isn't.
Big thanks to everyone whose been commenting recently, catch you all soon.


  1. Oooo - I understood "Irish bar" and "swine flu" and "Tiger Woods" in this post.

    I'll be speaking the Queen's English before you know it.

  2. Maybe what pissed her off is when you said, "I'm happily married"? You did say that, right?

  3. Swine flu eh? Not the world's worse hangover?

  4. Definitely swine flu...

    transferred through booze.