Monday, 29 June 2009

Headline news

Farah Fawcett dies and is immediately relegated to two paragraphs on page 10 because Michael Jackson dies on the same day. How Unlucky is that?
I've been reading all the stories about Michael Jackson and frankly I don't know what to make of it all. Was he the King of Pop or a paedophille?
In 1994 Jordan Chandler, then 14, was paid $22 million in an out of court settlement. I wonder if a now 29 year old Jordan Chandler will ever spill the story of what happened at Neverland? In all probability, with a settlement that large, it will be a story he takes to his grave as well.
It also appears that Jacko is going to be buried in Neverland. Sounds like a Gracelands enterprise is rising out of MJ's ashes. $10 a head would certainly take a big chunk out of the rumoured $300 million he owed. And that in itself is one of the biggest stories. At the height of his career and on the back of selling 75 million copies of Thriller, Jacko was spending $30 million a year more than he was earning. How the fuck do you manage to do that? To put it into perspective, I would have to be spending $30,030,000, he was spending $75,000,000 a year or $1,500,000 a week. One and a half million dollars a week. And this was over several years not one year.
Furthermore, it's now rumoured he has a back catalogue of 200 songs that have never seen the light of day which will nett his kids $60,ooo,ooo. Whether that's each or between them hasn't been clarified but it will certainly keep them in masks for a good few years.
Another thing I've read is that when he was taken to hospital he was five foot ten, weighed eight stone and was bald. When I read this I immediately rang my grand dad. You'll be glad to know he's okay.
Madonna and Angelina Jolie are reputedely in an adoption battle for Bubbles according to one paper. Another reckons Gary Glitter has bid £1,000,000 for Jacko's hard drive.
Anyhow, in death as in life, nothing with Jacko is black and white if you know what I mean.
The press coverage got me thinking of who would have to die to knock Jacko off the front pages? I guess the Queen or David Beckham in Britain which is quite sad to admit. In America I would imagine the President popping his clogs would relegate “the king of pop” to the also ran section.
Worldwide, well that’s a different ball game. I can only think of two people who would dominate world headlines, Nelson Mandela and Mohammed Ali. Maybe Amatay leaving this mortal coil would send the blogasphere into meltdown, what with his burgeoning advertising and porn enterprise. Is there anything he hasn't got his fat little fishy fingers in?
Of course, it was quite refreshing to buy the Wales on Sunday, with the front page dominated by Gethin Jenkins and Adam Jones being hospitalised after late tackles from Bakkies Botha and Brian Habana. For those who don’t know this was the British Lions v South Africa Rugby match on Saturday. Good to know the Welsh press don't give a fuck about anything other than Rugby.
It has made a welcome distraction of not having fucking Jordan and Peter Andre on the front pages as well so God bless Michael Jackson for that at least.


  1. The world of celebrity is a strange one. I've got good spending habits. I could live off a couple million for quite a while and make it pretty nice.

  2. haha great post
    had a pub discussion years ago about who was the most famous person alive and it was between the Queen, Jacko, Ali and George Bush.

    Prob now i would say

    01 The Queen
    02 Osama Bin Laden
    03 Barack Obama
    04 Ali
    05 Simon Cowell

  3. The only person who could've knocked Jacko off would be the Pope and I'm not even sure about that.

  4. I was gonna be witty and mention that Mr Mac-something-or-other from David Copperfield but I can't remember his damn name!

  5. I'm getting tired of hearing about Michael. He was a legend and his music will survive long after this is all over. Let's just run the story a day or two and let him rest in peace please. For Christ sake I wanna hear news again.

  6. lol at the welsh press comment. Being a soft english shite living in bridgend. that really tickled me

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