Friday, 5 June 2009

Played a few games of Poker this week and had a mixed bag full of results.
Fired up some STT’s on Betfair and cashed in 8 of 9 for $500 profit. Love these Super Turbos and have a great strike rate on them so fuck knows why I do not play them more often.
Also played a few MTT’s on Stars. Cashed in 3 of 4 for $70 but should have been for a lot more. Played one $11 with 4200 other saps. 680 cashed and was in the top twenty with 500 left. Unfortunately I overplayed 66 and ran into aces and then, on a 222 flop, with four in and $14k in the middle, went all in against a raise from a guy I thought was trying to buy the pot. I had 55 he turned over 77 and that crippled my stack. Finally went out in 220th for $40 when I should have had least made top fifty. Also busted out in another for minimum amount when 66 was no good against JJ.
In actual fact I’ve busted out of all the MTT’s this week with small pairs which have run into bigger ones. Maybe I’m overplaying them, something to think about next week.
I’ve given up on Full Tilt. For some reason I just cannot win on that site. The only cash I’ve had in tourneys has been the Brit Blogger game. Might just blow the remaining $s on a cash game and have done with it or run it up into something worthwhile.
Made the easiest £75 ever when I punted £100 on over 4.5 trys in the Lions match on Wednesday. Brilliant match and there’s only a few places up for grabs to my reckoning after that showing. Not sure if there are Rugby fans reading my blog but if there are what do you reckon on : Byrne; Bowe; BOD; Roberts; ?; Jones; Phillips; Jenkins; Mears; ?, POC; Jones; Croft, ?; ?.
A big game from Shane Williams could see him fill the left wing berth especially since he's had Habana in his pocket the last couple of times they've played against each other. Likewise, Adam Jones has played well against the Boks previously. Openside and number eight could be close. I’d like to see Martyn Williams in the test team but Wallace offers a totally different option in the same position. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Big weekend lined up with a leaving do tonight and then a Birthday bash tomorrow. Must pop up my Mums on Sunday has I haven’t seen her in a while.
Hope everyone has a cracking weekend, catch you all later.

Wrote the above in work earlier and was about to post it when I noticed a few things on my blog list. Firstly, Mo "mad dog" has now branched out into the Pokersphere has he gets a mention in Puds blog of the week post. How the fuck has that happened? Is Mo going for World domination? Should he run for Prime Minister now? Puds blog is only in the top 100 poker blogs worldwide and Mo is now going to get even more people reading his crap.
I was just about to post on his blog calling him all the bastards going when I find he's given me a big heads up with his loyal followers. So I repeat again, "Mo is the best geezer in the whole wide world, God bless his little cotton socks".
So, just for all Mo's American followers who might stumble across this piece of crap here's a few stories for you all.
My Daughter, now ten, is like a little sponge. Whatever you tell her she remembers but she then spins it out at the most inappropriate moment. She'd been in school for about a month and as I pick her up her teachers beckons me over. "You'll never guess what your daughter said today" she asks. I cringe and wait for the bombshell. The teacher recalls how she was reading the story of the Three Little Pigs to the class. She came to the part of the story where the first pig was trying to accumulate the building materials for his home. She read, "...And so the pig went up to the man with the wheelbarrow full of straw and said, "Pardon me sir, but may I have some of that straw to build my house?'" My daughters teacher then smiled and tells me that she then asks the class, "And what do you think that man said?" The light of my life turns to her mate and loud enough for the whole class to hear says, "I bet he said 'Bloody hell A talking pig!'" This of course stems from the two sausages and an egg in the frying pan joke I had told her.
Not long after that I get another summons from her teacher. She had asked my daughters class what they had done on the weekend and my babes says "My Dad and I found a dead squirrel in the park". The teacher asks her if maybe the squirrel had been sleeping to which my Daughter says "No, I pissed in his ear". The teacher now pissing herself telling me this says I then said " I'm sorry, you did what"? to which my Daughter says " you know, psst and it didn't budge".
Her finest moment though has been told already but you can read it here


  1. omg, classic. love kids and the stuff the repeat!!!

  2. Mo sent me over. Hi!

    The stories about your daughter were absolutely hilarious! Sam is quite spongey, but only 4. The future scares me.

  3. What's the two sausages and egg in the frying pan joke? I'd like to know. It's got a helluva punch line!

  4. Now, poker I understand, because my Beloved plays. Not for money, because he knows I would rip his right arm out of the socket and he's rather partial to it.

    I think I love your daughter. She would be SO at home at our house.

  5. Any friend of Mo's is a friend of mine!!

    My 2 boys also like to keep it real. Supersperm mixed it up on the bus last week! Got kicked off the big yellow twinkie for a week. They are both done with school now. Lucky me!!!

  6. Ho folks,
    Thanks for dropping by. Kids, you've got to love them haven't you.
    2 sausages and an egg in a frying pan. The egg says, christ it's hot in here. The one sausage looks at the other and says "bloody hell a talking egg".
    Hope that explains it.
    When I get five minutes I'll pop over to all your blogs.

  7. Best geezer huh? Jeeze I'm chuffed. Betfair? Heading over there now but how did that happen?! Did you mention me there or something? Make sure you stop by Monday, you'll love the crap I'm going to spout.

  8. Hi Mo,
    Pud reads my blog so I guess he must have clicked on yours from here.
    Catch you later.

  9. okay that first part had me confused b/c it was OBIOUSLY in british and I don't speak british...

    However, you came back in the end when you told us about yourself. I think I heart your daughter! She sound like a HOOT!

  10. Gl in the Blogger Tournament of Champions freeroll tonight on Full Tilt.( 8pm est/1am UK time).Main event packages for 1st and 2nd and plenty $$ too.I'm sure you know your already registered but thought I'd drop you a comment just in case...!
    I hope reading your odds at inspires you too.Best of luck.Take it down for the UK mate!

  11. "God bless his little cotton socks."

    I am stealing the hell outta that. Hope you don't mind...